Calendula Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Atomm Botanicals has emerged as one of the leading Calendula Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Calendula Oil is one of the herbal oils obtained from Calendula officinalis also known as Marigold flower. It is one such oil which comes with healing properties for multiple skin related problems including diaper rash, eczema, and multiple other. With the help of our professionals we are extracting this oil in the right form to get as many benefits as we can.

Calendula oil is extracted using different techniques including steam distillation, solvent extraction, and many other methods. According to the requirement of the oil and its use in different applications, our professionals use different ways of extraction. We at Atomm Botanicals try our best to preserve all the properties that come with this oil. From anti-bacterial properties to anti-inflammatory properties, the Calendula oil offered by us gives maximum benefits. Whether one needs to treat any skin infection or wish to have a glowing skin, all can be achieved with the help of Calendula oil produced by us. It has a non-sticky texture which helps in quick absorption of this oil. It is lightweight and comes with a joyful rosy aroma which can be felt in most of the skin care products. As one of the reputed Calendula Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we are known to produce them in bulk to help it reach all our clients on time. We supply fresh Calendula oil to our customers by testing it under several quality testing parameters. To keep our customers informed, we also add all the required information on our products packaging.

Botanical Name

Calendula officinalis

Application Result

Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Emollient, Conditioning

Applicable Dosage

Atomm Botanicals is a certified organization with years of experience in formulating natural and herbal products by utilizing a wide variety of plants and herbs. The availability of advanced extraction process and best technology at our manufacturing center helps us obtain purest form of Calendula Oil. We have experts with in depth knowledge about a variety of natural oils. They are well aware of the processes utilized for extracting oils. All the oil extracted and formulated by us including Calendula oil is produced by considering all the international standards.

In the time span of 17+ years, we have become one of the most chosen Calendula Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The quality, purity, and the consistency of the oil delivered by us has made us popular in all over India. With our vision to support skin and health care sector in the best possible way, we supply unadulterated oil to all our customers. By supplying Calendula oil in bulk in all over India, we are bringing in the era of using herbal oils for skin care back. We are supplying it in different capacities and at competitive prices to all our customer across PAN India.