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Top 5 Saffron Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Saffron extracts holds a special place in the Ayurveda, as it offers a myriad benefits for a wide number of applications. It is considered as the ‘golden spice’ among the several spices present in India. The richness in its colour, the distinct flavour, and the aroma of saffron is cherished worldwide and especially in India. At present, there are multiple saffron extract manufacturers in India, but to get the authentic quality saffron extracts one must go for the reliable manufacturers only. That is why, we recommend choosing the Top 5 Saffron Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Atomm Botanicals is the leading saffron extract manufacturer and supplier among the top brands.

The brand has gained popularity in a very less time and it’s all because of the authentic products and botanical extracts supplied by us. When talking about the botanical and herbal extracts or spices, we are known for producing many. Some of the extracts produced by us include aloe vera extracts, chamomile extracts, cucumber extracts, macadamia nut extracts, bakuchil oil, avocado extracts, basil extracts, tea tree oil extracts, bhringraj extracts, and many more. All the products are manufactured with utmost care to ensure that we supply extracts that can offer maximum benefits to our customers. All these extracts are known for their multiple features and distinct quality which makes them suitable to use in multiple products. Saffron Extract is one of the most in demand extract among these all and is used for the multiple benefits offered by it. We at Atomm Botanicals are into the business of producing these extracts for more than 17 years and have gained great knowledge about saffron extracts since then. We have trained and experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge about saffron extracts and its uses. They use a variety of methods to obtain saffron extracts with ease and to make it suitable to use for multiple applications.

How we obtain saffron extracts at Atomm Botanicals?

Saffron is extracted from saffron crocus plant whose scientific name is Crocus Sativus. Saffron is present in this plant in the form of three red stigmas which is also known as saffron threads. One of the major reasons for cultivating this plant is to obtain saffron only. Saffron being one of the valuable and expensive spices finds it use in a wide variety of applications. To obtain saffron extracts, these saffron threads are harvested and then dried for producing saffron. Our first priority is to obtain the best quality saffron threads and that is why we deal with trusted saffron harvesters and producers. At Atomm Botanicals, quality and authenticity is what we believe in delivering and that is why we take complete precaution in producing these extracts. It is our quality only that has made us one of the Top 5 Saffron Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. At present, we are using different methods of extraction for getting saffron extracts.

Though these methods vary depending on the kind of saffron extracts we need to deliver. However, we never use any chemical or additional colouring substance or flavouring substance while producing saffron extracts. Some of the methods of extraction used by for obtaining saffron extracts are stem distillation, water extraction, and solvent extraction method. Depending on the method, one can get saffron extract in the form of infused liquid, saffron oil, and dry saffron strands.

Water Extraction Method – In this method of extraction, saffron threads are soaked in water for extracting its colour, flavour, and aroma. Usually, the saffron strands are soaked in hot water only for proper extraction. Our professionals take proper care by keeping a check on the quantity of water and the quantity of saffron threads immersed in that water. The saffron threads are soaked for a dedicated time period to let the saffron’s flavour, colour, and aroma get dissolved in water completely. This liquid extracted saffron is then used in multiple applications for preparing beverages, fragrances, and in cooking.

Steam Distillation Method – As the name says, in this method of extraction saffron oil is extracted using the steam. Saffron threads are kept in an apparatus and steam is passed through it which helps in evaporating the saffron oil from it. It is then condensed to get saffron oil out of it. Saffron oil is also used in cooking and multiple beauty care & cosmetics products. The presence of antioxidant properties in saffron oil also makes them suitable to use in massage therapies.

Solvent Extraction Method – In this method of extraction, the saffron threads are immersed into different organic solvents to dissolve the bioactive compounds present in it. Later on the liquid solvent is evaporated and the concentrated saffron extract is left behind. Depending on its use, it is processed to transform it into paste or powder or any other form as required. This form of saffron extract is also used in cosmetics, cooking, and other applications.

List of Top 5 Saffron Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

  1. Atomm Botanicals
  2. Astrra Chemicals
  3. Pureoils India
  4. Herbanic India
  5. Mane Kancor