Bakuchi Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

We at ATOMM BOTANICALS are one of the reputed Bakuchi Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. In India, we have several plant species and seeds that are highly beneficial for our skin, hair, and overall health. Bakuchi Oil is also one of them and is used for treating several health problems including scabies, tinea versicolor, psoriasis, and ringworm as well. With the help of our team of professionals, we are extracting Bakuchi Oil to supply it to different parts of India.

Bakuchi Oil is obtained from the seeds of an herb named Psoralea Corylifolia. It is mainly grown to obtain the seeds for extracting oil from them. To ensure the authenticity of the oil, our professionals always source the seeds of this herb from trustworthy suppliers or dedicated farmers. These seeds are small in size and are black. Being an ayurvedic oil, we make sure that the Bakuchi Oil supplied by us is free of all the chemicals and particles that are not required. At ATOMM BOTANICALS, we have a dedicated cold press unit where we extract the oil. We source these seeds in tons to produce this oil in large quantities. All the units of Bakuchi oil supplied by us are organic and are free from all impurities. The colour of this oil may vary from reddish black colour to yellowish brown colour and it comes with a sweet odor.

Being one of the most trustworthy Bakuchi Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we supply 100 per cent pure oil to our customers. No other technique other than the cold press extraction is used in obtaining this oil. Also, no chemicals, preservatives, or additives are added to them to help our customers attain maximum benefits.

Botanical Name

Aloe barbadensis

Application Result

Emollient, Epithelizing, Conditioning, Skin care

Applicable Dosage

Why Choose ATOMM BOTANICALS for Bakuchi Oil?

With over 17+ years of experience, we have become one of the renowned Bakuchi Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Other than Bakuchi oil, we are also known for supplying several other ayurvedic and botanical products in the market. We are well aware of the adulteration that is being done in most Ayurveda products these days to increase their life. But at ATOMM BOTANICALS, we test Bakuchi Oil, before their final packaging and distribution. For complete transparency with our customers, all the required information related to this oil is mentioned on the packaging.

We are consistently researching more benefits offered by Bakuchi Oil to help people utilize all its benefits. One need not worry about the quality as we are one of the ISO and GMP-approved organizations dealing with different types of essential oils. With our aim to offer maximum plant-based and ayurveda products in India, we are supplying Bakuch Oil at the most reasonable prices.