Onion Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Atomm Botanicals has successfully established its business by producing impeccable quality of herbal and natural oils in India. At present, we are known as one of the top onion oil manufacturers and suppliers in India. It is the authenticity and purity of our onion oil that has made our oil popular in all over India. We have studied the market well and our capable of supplying this oil in its best form to offer maximum benefits to our customers.

Onion Oil Extraction by Atomm Botanicals

Our focus is to help people attain maximum benefits out of the natural and herbal products in India. That is what makes us offer highly beneficial oils and extracts like onion oil. We at Atomm Botanicals use different methods for extraction of onion oil. All these onion oil extraction methods are well approved and are considered suitable for extraction according to the Indian standards. Some of the extraction methods include solvent extraction and steam distillation. We use extraction methods depending on the consistency and potency of the onion oil required by our customers. Being one of the leading Onion Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we ensure that the onion oil produced by us is free of chemicals.

Botanical Name

Allium cepa

Application Result

Anti-eczema, Anti-bacterial

Applicable Dosage

Benefits of Onion Oil produced by Atomm Botanicals

We all are well aware of the fact that onion is mostly used for culinary purpose worldwide. But people often miss on the benefits offered by onion oil. With our vision to make people aware of herbal and botanical products and bring them in use every day, we started producing them for all. We have herbal experts working with us who helped us research on the benefits offered by onion oil to produce it in its right form. At present, there are many cosmetics, medicines, and hair care products which consist of onion oil in them.

At Atomm Botanicals, we offer onion oil which is used as antiseptic and antiasthamatic oil. It is also used in the treatment of nervous system disorder, cough, and multiple hair related problems. As one of the prominent Onion Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we are known for offering onion oil for treating scalp conditions. Our onion oil helps reducing hair fall and moisturizing dry hair. It also helps reducing split ends, conditioning hair, and improving hair texture.

Quality of Onion Oil Produced by Atomm Botanicals

We at Atomm Botanicals are known for producing onion oil by following all the guidelines and medicinal protocols. We are approved by ISO and other organizations supporting botanical products in India. The onion oil produced by us gets tested for quality, medicinal, and other safety related purposes. It helps us ensure that our onion oil is free of chemicals or preservatives and is known to have more shelf life. Being one of the well-esteemed onion oil manufacturers and suppliers in India, we are known for supplying it at budget friendly prices.