Aloe Vera Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

We at Atomm Botanicals are one of the renowned Aloe Vera Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The benefits of Aloe Vera are known to everyone and that is what makes them high in demand. They are utilized in multiple skincare, haircare, and dietary supplements due to their multiple properties. Our professionals are using multiple ways of extraction to obtain Aloe Vera extracts for all the above-mentioned uses.

We are into the business of obtaining botanical and herbal extracts for many years. It has helped us gain knowledge about myriad of extraction methods and that is what our experts utilize in extracting Aloe Vera. Be it the method of cold pressing or freeze drying or heat extraction or manual hand extraction method, all these methods are used in obtaining it. However, these methods are used according to the requirement of a particular type of Aloe Vera extract according to its use. At Atomm Botanicals, we are strict with the quality and hygiene maintenance. It helps us supply our customers with superior quality Aloe Vera extracts for several applications. As one of the top Aloe Vera Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we understand the value of organic extracts. That is what makes us supply hundred percent authentic extracts without any adulteration or preservative addition.

Botanical Name

Aloe Barbadensis

Application Result

Moisturizing, Curative, Humidifying, Anti-inflammatory

Applicable Dosage


The quality and authenticity of the Aloe Vera supplied by us makes it perfect to use in a wide variety of dietary supplements. To ensure that they are safe to consume as every batch of Aloe Vera extracted by us gets tested before delivery. The Aloe Vera extract supplied by us are suitable to use in different types of cosmetics also. Their anti-inflammatory property makes them perfect to use for reducing skin inflammation and curing sunburn. It is one of the reasons why it is being added in most sun screens these days. It is also considered excellent to use in hair care products due to its conditioning and moisturizing properties. Being one of the best Aloe Vera Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we also supply them to use in weight loss supplements.

At Atomm Botanicals, we supply well-tested extracts of Aloe Vera for a wide variety of applications. These extracts are available in bulk with a good shelf life. We are supplying these at cost-effective prices to all our customers in PAN India at both small and bulk quantity.