Centella Asiatica Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Atomm Botanicals is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing a wide array of herbal extracts. Being into this business for several years, we have become one of the eminent Centella Asiatica Extract manufacturers and suppliers in India. Being one of the medicinal herb, it is being used in different types of traditional medicines. Our team of experts are utilizing best formulations and methods to obtain these extracts carefully.

We use different types of extraction techniques to produce Centella Asiatica Extracts. These extracts are obtained from the leaves of this plant and in other words it is also known as Gotu Kola. Being one of the renowned Centella Asiatica Extract manufacturers and suppliers in India, we are utilizing steam distillation, cold press extraction, and water extraction techniques for obtaining these extracts. We are well aware of the importance of these extracts and that is why, we take all the precautions that are required for obtaining these extracts. At Atomm Botanicals, we believe in delivering purest form of herbal extracts without any adulteration. It is one of the reasons why we do not add any kind of chemicals or artificial coloring in them. Depending on the different methods of extraction, the benefits of these extracts also vary due to their varying composition.

The Centella Asiatica extracts produced by us consists of several beneficial compounds that makes them best to use in traditional medicines. We use extraction methods depending on the requirement of our clients to offer them right kind of extracts. According to the consistency and composition of these extracts, their medicinal use varies. Being an ISO certified Centella Asiatica Extract manufacturers and suppliers in India, we are well aware of the medicinal standards that we are required to meet to produce premium quality extracts.

Botanical Name

Centella asiatica

Application Result

Anti-stretch mark, Nourishment, Anti-blemish

Applicable Dosage

Benefits of Centella Asiatica Extracts

We at Atomm Botanicals are known for offering Centella Asiatica Extracts of the best quality that serves several benefits. These extracts are known to offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which are highly beneficial for the skin. The presence of compounds like triterpenoids helps in reducing inflammation caused during arthritis. These extracts are used in anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicines. Other than that, they are also helpful in healing wounds. With so many benefits, these extracts are widely used in different parts of the world. We are trying our best to offer excellent quality Centella Asiatica extracts at highly affordable prices in the market.