Milk Protein Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Atomm Botanicals is one of the most reputed Milk Protein Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Milk Protein is known to have several therapeutic benefits and is used in a wide variety of products due to the presence of several nutrients in them. We are efficiently catering to the needs of milk protein of different industries collectively with the help of best professionals.

Milk Protein extracts is obtained into different forms including hydrolyzed protein, isolated protein, and concentrated protein. We use hi-tech machineries and technology to obtain these extracts in the right form. At Atomm Botanicals, we have professionals who have many years of experience in obtaining milk and extracts of different types of plants and herbs. They know the correct composition in which the milk protein is required. Being one of the eminent Milk Protein Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we get milk from reliable sources. Our vast production plant help us cater to the milk protein needs in bulk to match the expectations of our clients.

Botanical Name

Aloe barbadensis

Application Result

Emollient, Epithelizing, Conditioning, Skin care

Applicable Dosage

The milk protein supplied by us are also used in consumable products which makes us stay more careful when producing these extracts. It is one of the reasons why we always test the milk we use before the processing to ensure that we are utilizing organic milk. During the extraction process also, no chemicals are used in producing the milk protein extracts. We also customize these milk protein extracts according to the expectations shared by our customers.

At Atomm Botanicals, we supply milk protein to dairy industries, food manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical industries, and beauty & cosmetics industries. Being highly nutritional extracts due to the presence of antimicrobial properties and antioxidants in it, these milk extracts are beneficial in many ways. They are used in food supplements to increase their nutritional value and to help one get additional health benefits. The protein content in the milk protein extracts supplied by us varies according to the type of extracts and the method used in extraction.

We are an ISO approved organization and are also certified by Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to supply milk protein extracts in PAN India. Despite the bulk requirement shared by many industries, we are able to fulfil their expectations on time which makes us one of the best Milk Protein Extracts Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. With the help of our taste and quality testing team, we always supply our customers with best. We offer milk protein extracts with high shelf life and no external ingredients or preservatives are added in them to increase the same. For helping customers get desired quality milk protein extracts are experts are there to assist you and supply you with optimum quality milk extracts at most reasonable prices.