Saffron Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

We at Atomm Botanicals are one of the premium Saffron Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We are successfully extracting and supplying a wide range of Ayurveda, Botanical, and plant based extracts and oils in India. With our focus to bring back the era of herbs and natural products in the Indian market, we are continuously researching on the same and are focused to offer authentic quality oils and herbal extracts to our customers. Saffron Extract is one of our premium products and we have become expert in producing these with the help of our experienced industry experts and plant-based product experts.

We have an extensive manufacturing plant where all the production takes place including the manufacturing of saffron extracts. Being well-informed about our products, we take all the precautions that are required to offer 100 percent genuine saffron extracts to our customers. It is one of the reasons why at Atomm Botanicals, we take care of every step, right from the harvesting of the Crocus Sativus Plant from which the saffron flower is obtained to its separation, filtration, drying, packaging, and distribution. There is one thing that is constant in all these processes and that is our quality control process, as we are quite stringent about it. Being one of the best saffron extract manufacturers and suppliers in India, we do not add on any artificial color or chemical in these extracts. It is what makes us a unique and reliable producer of saffron extracts.

Botanical Name

Crocus sativus

Application Result

Antioxidant, Anticarcinogenic,Fairness

Applicable Dosage

2% – 10%

We all the bulk producers of saffron extracts and we are easily catering to all the needs of saffron with ease. We have dedicated testing units to ensure that all the batches produced at Atomm Botanicals get tested before their packaging and supply. We comply with all the standards of ISO and are known as one of the well-certified producers of saffron extracts in India. As one of the leading Saffron Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. we manufacture saffron that offers multiple benefits. It is because we are expert in preserving its natural properties while processing it. From offering antioxidant properties to offering aphrodisiac properties, our saffron extracts consists of all of these. They are also helpful in curing some digestion problems and offer anti-inflammatory properties as well. We are available to supply saffron extracts in both small and large quantity to all our customers across PAN India. We are known for offering these saffron extracts at highly nominal market prices.