ATOMCARE™ Centella Oil

Centella is a very small herb, special to India. This particular plant grows in swampy areas and also near natural water. This herb can be eaten as a vegetable every day and it can also be used as a herbal medication. It has anti-bacterial, anti viral and anti-inflammatory tendencies. Therefore, this herb can easily be used for the treatment of skin burns, psoriasis, dermatitis etc. It also acts as a toner for the skin. It tones and tightens the skin if you apply the herb topically. Thus it is found in most of the anti-aging and skin firming creams these days. Centella is also a classic ingredient to fight cellulite on the skin. Cellulite often causes a lumpy, dimpled and ugly appearance. It is also very famous for the treatment of hair loss. This herb also acts as a platform for hair re-growth. The circulation of blood becomes better as the blood vessels relax, due to this herb. This makes space for the entry of oxygen and other important nutrients in the scalp.

Botanical Name

Centella asiatica

Application Result

Anti-stretch mark, Nourishment, Anti-blemish

Applicable Dosage