ATOMCARE™ Clove Extract

Clove is an evergreen tree, which produces a flower bud that has numerous medicinal properties. It is often referred to as clove bud. Clove is rich in minerals such as calcium, hydrochloric acid, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and vitamin A and vitamin C. Due to its antiseptic properties, clove oil is useful for wound, cuts, scabies, athlete’s foot, fungal infections, bruises etc. The most prominent use of clove oil is in dental care. The germicidal properties of the oil make it very effective for relieving dental pain, toothache, sore gums and mouth ulcers. It contains eugenol, which has been used in dentistry for many years. Clove oil is often recommended for skin care, especially for acne patients. The effects are best achieved when the oil is used in liquid form and spread on a clean, dry rag. It boosts immunity and lowers down the stress levels. Clove oil has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect, and is frequently used to clear the nasal passage. It reduces nausea, increases blood circulation and purifies blood. Studies show that it is sued to treat cholera and control diabetes as well.

Botanical Name

Syzygium aromaticum

Application Result

Anti-acne, Blood flow activator,Anti-dandryff,Anti-irritant.

Applicable Dosage

2% – 5%