Cocoa Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Atomm Botanicals are one of the well-established Cocoa Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We understand the essence of cocoa butter and its benefits and are producing it for several years. With our keen interest in botanical and herbal products, we are capable of supplying premium range of cocoa butter in India. We are using latest technology and process to produce premium quality cocoa butter with all the benefits.

We extract cocoa butter from superior quality cocoa beans obtained from certified harvesters. These beans are obtained from the seeds of the Cocoa Tree also known as Theobroma Cacao. At Atomm Botanicals, we use freshly harvested cocoa beans to obtain cocoa butter that comes with multiple benefits. To obtain cocoa butter, our professionals use the best process which includes the fermentation of cocoa beans, and then they are dried and roasted. Roasting helps in cracking them with ease to obtain the bean from the shell. It is then grinded to form a thick paste which includes cocoa butter. 

Using the best techniques, we separate the cocoa solids and its components from cocoa butter and use filtration and refining method to produce the best quality of cocoa butter. Being one of the top Cocoa Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, it is our priority to deliver our customers with exceptional quality cocoa butter.

The consistency, fragrance, and the texture of our cocoa butter remains the same despite producing several batches of cocoa butter in a day. It has become possible only due to the presence of experts who have in-depth knowledge about the process of extracting cocoa butter. We at Atomm Botanicals are the bulk cocoa butter manufacturers and suppliers in India. We are offering cocoa butter for several applications in all over India. From utilizing it in cosmetics & skincare segment to utilizing it in aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals to chocolate production, and multiple other food and personal care products. We ensure that we deliver right form of cocoa butter to all our customers to help them use it in the best way.

Being an ISO certified Cocoa Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we adhere to the guidelines for extracting cocoa butter. We offer adulteration free cocoa butter and that is why most customers prefer to buy cocoa butter from us. Our cocoa butter comes with long shelf life and is available at affordable market prices.