ATOMCARE™ Honeysuckle Extract

Honeysuckle is orange in color and has a very sweet smell and is well known for their health benefits and medicinal properties. It bath with its flowers and laves soaked in water is very relaxing and detoxifies your body. Some also use it to treat acne on the face. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of It make it excellent for skin care treatments. It is used in the treatment of skin rashes, eczema, and allergies of the skin, blemishes and poison ivy. Because of its sweet smell, It oil is an important constituent in soaps, perfumed body oils, skin lotions and other cosmetics. The aromatic oil that you extract from this herb is used in aromatherapy and is very useful in easing mental stress as well as physical stress. It has great anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties that is very helpful in the treatment of severe headaches. Shampoos and conditioners to which the oil of honeysuckle is added, makes the hair soft and silky. Moreover, the oil also prevents your hair from getting brittle and dry, thus improving the texture of your hair.

Botanical Name

Lonicera splendida

Application Result


Applicable Dosage

2% – 5%