Jatamansi Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Atomm Botanicals has achieved huge success by producing assorted range of herbal, botanical, and plant based extracts in India. We have become one of the renowned Jatamansi extract manufacturers and suppliers in India offering exceptional quality extracts to all our customers. Jatamansi is known to offer multiple medicinal benefits and we are helping it reach out to people by offering them the premium quality extracts. We understand the importance of Ayurveda in our life and Jatamansi being one of the Ayurvedic extracts is known for its several potential benefits.

With our aim to utilize maximum benefits out of the Jatamansi extracts, we use multiple extraction processes to obtain them. At Atomm Botanicals, we always ensure that all the extraction processes utilized by us are helpful in obtaining authentic quality extracts. Our experts do thorough research before utilizing any extraction process so that they can we can obtain Jatamansi extracts with all the beneficial compounds. Being one of the esteemed Jatamansi Extract manufacturers and suppliers in India, we use steam distillation, fluid extraction, and solvent extraction techniques for obtaining them. The extract is obtained from the roots of the Jatamansi Herb which is also known as Nardostachys Jatamansi herb. The bioactive compounds present in the roots are known to have multiple properties which make them perfect to use in a wide variety of skin care, hair care, and nervous system related problems.

Botanical Name Nardostachys grandiflora
Application Result Stimulant, Anti-septic.
Applicable Dosage 2% – 4%

We at Atomm Botanicals are known for producing Jatamansi extracts in both liquid as well as powdered form. The use of both forms of extracts depends on the product they are used in and the properties they offer. We are successfully preserving the medicinal benefits of this herb by extracting it using the right techniques. We comply with all the regulatory standards and quality standards when it comes to obtaining these extracts. We have restricted the use of any additives or chemical or preservatives in the Jatamansi extracts. It has helped us become one of the ISO verified Jatamansi extract manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Before we deliver them to our distributors or customers, we get them tested at our dedicated quality testing centers. Right from sourcing and extracting the Jatamansi extracts to preserving their medicinal properties and testing them for their quality and benefits, we take utmost care of each step. We at Atomm Botanicals are supplying these extracts at both large and small quantity at the best market prices.