Lemon Peel Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

We at Atomm Botanicals have captured the market of botanical products with our excellent range of products including lemon peel extracts. Ever since people have become more aware of the benefits of using natural ingredients for their skin, hair, and health, the demand for these extracts is continuously increasing. Being one of the top Lemon Peel Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we are supplying these extracts in its true form for availing all the benefits out of it.

At Atomm Botanicals we have world class professionals who have studied and researched about several botanical extracts in detail. By utilizing their knowledge and pioneering technology, we are formulating lemon peel extracts that can be utilized in different products. When coming to botanical or herbal products, everyone wishes to get organic raw material or extracts. By maintaining the purity of lemon extracts, we are supplying them to all our clients in organic form only. We understand that an adulterated herbal product will not offer the amount of goodness it offers in its real form. That is why, none of our professionals make use of chemicals, fragrances, or preservatives for preserving them.

Botanical Name

Citrus limon

Application Result

Anti-ageing, Free radical scavenger, Anti-wrinkle

Applicable Dosage

2% – 8%

We have become one of the highly demanding Lemon Peel Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The lemon peel extracts are mostly added in the skin care products due to its properties that helps in deep cleansing. Lemon of different varieties are available in the market. Identifying and picking the right lemon for getting lemon peel extracts is also essential. To avoid this problem, we have tied-up with several lemon suppliers to get same quality and same type of lemon for maintaining the right quality in all the extracts. We guarantee that all the extracts are clinically tested before supplying. It helps us check the quality of the lemon extracts along with the removal of impurities if any.

We are into this business segment for 17 years and have been utilizing different types of herbs and plants for manufacturing botanical extracts. Lemon being one of the citrus fruits comes with anti-oxidative and antimicrobial properties along with Vitamin C and a few minerals. We supply them to cosmetic or beauty product manufacturers, pharmaceutical or medicine manufacturers, Ayurveda & herbal medicine manufacturers and many more. Our professionals try their best to preserve all the nutrients present in these extracts using natural process. Atomm Botanicals is known for supplying these extracts in bulk quantity and we are able to cater to multiple orders at a time.

Being one of the best Lemon Peel Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we aim to fulfill high amount of lemon extract needs on time. All these extracts are supplied at most affordable prices without hampering its quality and without adding any chemicals to it.