ATOMCARE™ Meswak Extract

Meswak is a teeth cleaning chewing stick from the tree of Salvadora persica. The stick, which is available everywhere, has antibacterial properties and can be used instead of toothbrush and toothpaste. It prevents dental plaque formations and associated with multiple medicinal benefits and uses. Brushing the teeth with this natural twig helps to prevent bacterial activities in the teeth thus save your teeth from plaque formation and gingivitis. The bark contains antibiotic which prevents the growth of bacteria. Regular use of the Meswak removes bad breath and odor from mouth. Meswak contains nutrients like fluorine, silicon, vitamin C, salvadorine and trimethylamine. The twig contains potassium, sodium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxide.  These minerals help to strengthen the tooth enamel. It helps to reduce stains from tea, coffee, food particles, tobacco products, betel, etc. Cleaning the teeth with this having anti-cariogenic effect. Since, it kills the germs and bacteria thus save your teeth from cavities and gingivitis thus good to relieve from toothache.

Botanical Name

Salvadora persica

Application Result

Anti fungal, Anti bacteria.

Applicable Dosage

2% – 5%