Mint is used to refer to the genus of strong scented herbs. It is a type of plant with small green leaves. Mint is a highly beneficial plant and is used in different ways to use its benefits as much as possible. Mint is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, using mint juice on the skin can help soothe mosquito bites and other irritations. It also helps to soften and calm dry or itchy skin. Salicylic acid present in mint helps in curing acne. Mint leaves control oil in the skin as they contain Vitamin A. They rejuvenate and refresh the skin making it bright and soft. Mint is also believed to be a head ache reliever. While mint oil is a good antiseptic and antipruritic material, the juice obtained from mint is an excellent skin cleanser. Its anti-pruritic properties can be used for treating insect bites like those of mosquitoes, honeybees, hornets, wasps, and gnats.

Botanical Name

Mentha asiatica

Application Result

Antiseptic, Anti-pruritic, Anti-blemish,

Applicable Dosage

2% – 7%