Mulberry Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

ATOMM BOTANICALS is one of the prominent Mulberry Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Mulberry being one of the highly beneficial fruit offers numerous benefits for skin, hair, and overall health. It includes multiple vitamins and antioxidants that help in preventing multiple skin related issues and also aids to skin nourishment. To help people achieve all these benefits, we are providing them in the form of mulberry extracts by utilizing best practices.

Being one of the renowned manufacturers of plant based products, we ensure that all the products manufactured by us are of optimum quality. We at ATOMM BOTANICALS are into this business for more than 17 years and have never failed to provide our customers with reliable quality products. The mulberry extracts obtained by our professionals are utilized in its original and best form to offer maximum benefits to our customers. As one of the leading Mulberry Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we believe in maintaining complete transparency in offering all mulberry products. It helps us in building a trustworthy relationship with our customers.

The mulberry extracts used in our products have high quantity of antioxidants present in them along with different vitamins, like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. The presence of these macronutrients and beneficial compounds help in keeping skin wrinkle free. They are known for their moisturizing properties which makes them useful for dry skin. Our mulberry extract products are also used as an anti-ageing product and helps in offering elasticity to skin. With such numerous benefits, utilizing them in skin care or health care is considered excellent.

Botanical Name

Morus alba

Application Result

Moisturizing, Anti-ageing,

Applicable Dosage

2% – 7%

Why Choose ATOMM BOTANICALS for Mulberry Extracts

At ATOMM BOTANICALS, we use natural processes and chemical free processes for extracting the desired components from mulberry. We have an extensive plant where all the extracted products are filtered and processed to use them in its best form. We have dedicated quality testing units to ensure that all the mulberry extracts are 100 percent pure. We have expert R&D team who are helping us obtain maximum benefits out of mulberry by conducting several experiments and research.

We have become one of the top Mulberry Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, offering trusted plant and tree products in PAN India. The use of best compositions has helped us formulate premium quality products from mulberry extracts. We are known for offering unmatched quality mulberry extracts at cost-friendly prices.