Neem has a lot of health benefits and talking particularly of its leaves, they have superb antibacterial and disease-preventing properties. Regular use of neem can clear acne scars and pigmentation. The topical use of neem oil was found to treat chronic non-healing wounds. Neem also prevents formation of blackheads and helps get rid of the existing ones. Numerous face packs have neem and turmeric in a combination that helps the skin to get back its glow and complexion. Neem has amazing moisturizing properties. It helps get rid of dry skin without making it too oily, hence offering a balancing effect. The compounds in neem give it its regenerative properties that help the skin fight pathogens below the surface, thus keeping the skin supple and young for a longer time. Neem oil helps in getting rid of the itchiness and irritation. Neem helps in reducing the pigmentation and acts as a moisturizing agent, and hence, is the perfect solution to this problem.

Botanical Name

Azadirachta indica

Application Result

Anti-fungal, Anti-dandruff, Wound healing, Anti-bacterial

Applicable Dosage