ATOMCARE™ Nutmeg Oil

The nutmeg plant belongs to Myristica family which are available all over the world. Nutmegs, apart from their culinary inclusions, also play an important role in providing nutrients to the body and hence are included in daily meals. The oil extract of nutmeg is used for making lotions, scrubs and cream. It is an ideal ingredient to enhance the facial beauty. Nutmeg is widely used for its anti-bacterial and analgesic properties. It helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. Nutmeg oil can be used for hair care. It helps in quick hair growth and adds a lustrous shine. This oil is used in various hair products and has numerous advantages. Nutmeg works effectively to tone your hair. It also increases blood circulation in the scalp and helps hair growth.

Botanical Name

Myristica fragrans

Application Result

Muscle relaxant, Pain reliever, Anti-bacterial

Applicable Dosage