ATOMCARE™ Rose Petal Extract

Some of these rose derivatives can be referred to as a Rose Petal Extract, this ingredient is also added to certain products as a singular ingredient to infuse it with natural antibacterial and hydrating benefits. Popular in many organic ranges, products that contain Rose Petal Extract tend to be very gentle on the skin, soothing inflammation and preventing cases of very dry or tight skin. You can find it in the personal care skin creams which help to support the skin’s natural renewal process and prevent dehydration during the day. Rose petal extracts are very effective as a natural skin toner. The antibacterial properties of the petals also prevent you from various skin infections. Yet another incredible beauty benefit of rose petals for all the girls, especially the ones having dry skin is that it moisturizes the skin and also treats dark circles. Being rich in vitamin C, they are enriched with amazing sunblock properties. Rose petals can also enhance the radiance of your skin manifolds. While the accumulation of dead cells can make your skin look tanned and dull, roses can help you get your original glow back.

Botanical Name

Rosa chinensis

Application Result

Toning, Moisturizing.

Applicable Dosage

1% – 3%