Shea Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

We at Atomm Botanicals are one of the well-known Shea Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We are one of the biggest contributors of herbal and botanical extracts in India. We are also contributing highly towards the cosmetic industry by offering excellent quality shea butter. Presently, we are supplying shea butter in PAN India which is being used for multiple purposes due to the benefits offered by it.

We are capable of fulfilling the bulk demand of shea butter in India by sourcing shea nuts in large quantity. We have tie ups with shea tree harvesters which is usually grown in Africa. We ensure that all the shea nuts obtained by us are of premium quality so that we can get highly beneficial shea butter. At Atomm Botanicals, we focus on the right method of extracting shea butter from the shea nuts. From drying and cracking these nuts to grinding and making paste out of it, all the processes take place under a quality control unit. Before skimming the shea butter out of that paste, all the other elements are carefully separated from it to obtain the right quality shea butter. As one of the well-known Shea Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we make use of modern techniques to produce this butter.

Being into this business for years, we are aware of both traditional and modern ways of extracting shea butter. We have received certificates from several organizations along with ISO to produce shea butter in bulk quantity. We successfully adhere to all the guidelines provided to us by these organizations to extract this butter. We at Atomm Botanicals have always maintained transparency with our customers and that is why we mention all the details about our products that we supply on its packaging. The stringent quality control measures is helping us supply unadulterated shea butter without any problem. We ensure that every unit delivered by us is free of chemicals or additional flavours or colors. The shea butter produced by us has longer shelf life than expected and that too without compromising on its quality or composition.

Being one of the leading Shea Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we supply them for several uses. From using it in sun protection creams to using it in moisturizers, shea butter is considered valuable in different ways. It is also being used in hair care products due to the benefits it offers to scalp by reducing dryness and eliminating dandruff and frizzy hair problem. Other than these, we do manufacture this butter for making candles as well.