ATOMCARE™ Shikakai Oil

The enriching benefits of using shikakai on hair has been proved long ago and has made it a trusted natural product in Indian households. But very few know about its benefits on the skin. Shikakai can be used to treat skin ailments like scabies and treat spots. It also serves as an antiseptic and can also be used to cure wounds and cuts that can occur on the scalp or any other external body parts. Another advantage of using Shikakai is that it is also used in the treatment of Black fever or the fever that occurs during the time of malaria. It also helps in making the mouth fresh as it is used to remove bad smell. It also cures various diseases of the throat like pain, infections, ulcers or boils in the gums. Shikakai can be effectively used as a treatment for preventing the age spots by adding it to any naturally grown fruit and then applied on the skin or face properly.

Botanical Name

Acacia concinna

Application Result

Conditioner, Wound healing, Hair softener, Anti-dandruff

Applicable Dosage

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