Thuja is well known and is very popular as a decorative plant. This does not mean that it is in any way less popular in the world of medicines. Thuja has a significant place in herbal and Homeopathic systems of medicine. An astringent is a substance which can make muscles (tissues), nerves and even blood vessels contract or shrink, and can sometimes have a cooling effect. Astringents that are meant for external applications induce local contractions. The toxicity of this oil can kill insects and keeps them away from households or areas where it is applied. This is as true for parasitic insects like mosquitoes, lice, ticks etc. The oil of Thuja tones and fortifies, therefore making it a tonic. It tones up all the functions in the body. It improves metabolic functions like anabolism and catabolism, while toning up the liver, stomach and intestines, thus helping in growth.

Botanical Name

Thuja occidentalis

Application Result

Pain reliever, Stimulant, Blood flow activator, Anti-septic

Applicable Dosage