ATOMCARE™ Tomato Extract

The tomato is referred to as the functional food – meaning it goes way beyond just providing basic nutrition. One major reason is the presence of lycopene, the all-powerful antioxidant that enhances health in numerous ways. Tomatoes are an important ingredient in most beauty treatments. They help cure large pores, treat acne, soothe sunburn, and revive dull skin. The antioxidants in tomato, especially lycopene, fight cellular damage and skin inflammation. Tomatoes also improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen – thereby slowing down the signs of aging. And the lycopene in tomatoes can act as a sunscreen. The vitamin C in tomatoes can also improve hair health. This vitamin, in addition to other nutrients like vitamins A and E, can stimulate hair growth. And they can also treat dandruff and itchy scalp. Deficiency of vitamin C can cause dry hair, a condition that can be avoided with sufficient intake of tomatoes.

Botanical Name

Solanum lycopersicum

Application Result

Anti-acne, Moisturizing, Anti-blemish, , Anti wrinkle

Applicable Dosage

2% – 6%