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Top 5 Liquorice Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Herbal and botanical extracts are known for their beneficial properties for more than 1000s of years. Though, most of the people are unaware of these extracts and prefer going for chemical based products which are highly harmful for us. Liquorice Extract is also a botanical extract which has been obtained from the roots of the liquorice plant. In the world where people are using chemical flavours and aroma in their food items or opting for chemical based perfumes. Liquorice extract is completely natural extract which is known for its flavour and fragrance. Being one of the herbal extracts, it also offers multiple medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and other soothing properties. With so many benefits in one herbal extract, its demand has invariably increased in the market. There are many manufacturers who are claiming to offer pure and raw liquorice extracts in India. However, we always recommend customers to go for only top liquorice extract manufacturing brands like Atomm Botanicals.

We are into the business of producing liquorice extracts for around 17 years now. Our deep research and study on different types of botanical extracts including liquorice extracts has helped us produce the right kind of extracts for different uses. We are among the Top 5 Liquorice Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India and have successfully delivered to multiple brands across India. From small industries and brands to big brands, we are known for supplying this particular extract to multiple customers. It is the quality of our extracts and its purity that has made us popular among all. We have a well-equipped manufacturing infrastructure where we take care of the extraction process. There are several steps involved in the extraction of liquorice extracts and we take utmost care during the processing of every step. We have knowledgeable and skilled professionals along with the botanical & herbal department experts who are there to guide us during the extraction process. At Atomm Botanicals, we use highly advanced technology to ensure that we get the liquorice extracts properly.

Advance Level of Extraction for Liquorice Extracts

Beginning from the process of harvesting the best quality liquorice plant root for extraction process till its packaging and delivery, we have experts looking over each and every process. Our first priority is to get the premium quality roots of liquorice plant to get maximum benefit out of the extracts. Right after they are harvested, they are cleaned properly to remove dirt or soil from them. Liquorice roots are then processed by cutting and grinding them. Then the extraction is done with the help of experts by using a solvent. That solvent is prepared well to ensure that we obtain right concentration of liquorice extracts. As we know that to get the right quality liquorice extracts for different uses, it is also essential to preserve its properties. Later on we filter the extracts and dry them to make them available for our customers. As one of the ISO certified brands for manufacturing liquorice extracts, we at Atomm Botanicals, always adhere to the guidelines that are a must for maintaining its quality. It is what makes us stand among the Top 5 Liquorice Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

Applications of Liquorice Extracts

Liquorice Extracts produced and supplied by us are used in a variety of applications. As it comes with multiple beneficial properties, they are suitable to use in multiple products from different industries. From medicinal and pharmaceutical products to cosmetics and skin care products, liquorice extracts are incorporated in varying products. It is also found in flavouring and fragrance related products including flavouring agents used in different cuisines and desserts and for fragrance in perfumes. One can also use the liquorice extracts obtained from Atomm Botanicals in foods & beverages. From chocolates and chewing gums to alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, one can put this in a wide range of consumables. Presently, we are independently supporting these varying industries by supplying them with liquorice extract in large amount. Being one of the Top 5 Liquorice Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we ensure that we produce enough liquorice extracts that we can successfully cater to the demand of our customers with ease.

Quality of Liquorice Extracts produced by Atomm Botanicals

With the help of our team, we are capable of supplying excellent quality liquorice extracts. Before it gets delivered, we test them at our quality testing lab to ensure that the right concentration of extracts is delivered to our clients. Each batch of liquorice extract gets tested before its delivery. Despite producing these extracts in bulk, we never compromise on the authenticity and quality of these extracts. The liquorice extracts produced by us is 100 percent pure and that is what makes it best among all. Our liquorice extracts come with excellent shelf life. We put all the details on the packaging of these extracts to maintain transparency with our customers. At Atomm Botanicals, we have built a huge customer base by supplying satisfying product to them. We are known for supplying liquorice extracts at reasonable market prices.

List of Top 5 Liquorice Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

  1. Atomm Botanicals
  2. Pharm Easy
  3. Botanic Healthcare
  4. Veda Oils
  5. Kanhanature Oils


1. Atomm Botanicals

As a leader in the field of botanical treatments, Atomm Botanicals provides a wide range of products designed to improve health and well-being. Established with the goal of using the wealth of nature to improve human health, Atomm Botanicals has skillfully combined conventional knowledge with modern research to provide high-quality botanical supplements, extracts, and wellness products.

Atomm Botanicals was founded in 2007 to revolutionize the wellness sector by upholding the highest standards of quality, honesty, and innovation. In the market for botanicals, the company has become a reliable brand that is associated with efficacy, purity, and sustainability over time.

2. Pharm Easy

Pharm Easy is a top digital healthcare platform committed to transforming the availability and provision of healthcare services in India. It was founded in 2015. With the goal of helping everyone get healthcare at an inexpensive, easy, and accessible price, Pharm Easy has become a well-known brand in the healthcare industry, meeting the various needs of millions of clients nationwide.

Using technology to close the gap between patients, pharmacies, and medical professionals is at the heart of Pharm Easy’s goal. The company provides a full range of healthcare services, such as online ordering of medications, booking of diagnostic tests, doctor consultations, and purchases of healthcare products, through its easily navigable mobile app and website.

3. Botanic Healthcare

One of the leading prLiquorice Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers in India is considered to be Botanic Healthcare. Glycyrrhiza Glabra (licorice) extract is used to make a variety of Ayurvedic medicines due to its antibacterial and other therapeutic qualities. Additionally, a few important qualities that raise its overall value are its purity, high shelf life, correctness in composition, and lack of negative effects.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra (licorice) Extracts are safe to use in pharmaceutical, food, and dietary supplements since they are processed under strict procedures that connect to USFDA, TGA, MEDSAFE, and EU guidelines. Due to their adherence to safety and quality standards, these are greatly valued and acknowledged in the market.

4. Veda Oils

One of the top manufacturers and suppliers of natural essential oils and raw materials is Veda Oils. It has been in the industry for more than 4+ years, leaving an indelible mark. We provide a wide range of products, including carrier oils, natural butter, floral waters, colored powder colors, and essential oils. These products are all entirely organic and free of any dangerous or chemical-based additives.

5.Kanhanature Oils

With our headquarters located in DELHI/NCR (Haryana), INDIA, we are happy to introduce ourselves as a supplier and manufacturer of pure essential oils, including those that are natural, spiced, rectified, isolated, pure fruit and flower oils, pure herbal oils, pure attars, pure resinoids, and pure oleoresins.

Under the capable leadership of our Founder and CEO, Mr. Piyush Gupta, who has been involved in the fragrance and essential oil industries for the past 20 years, Kanha Nature Oils, which was founded in April 2010 to offer the highest quality raw materials and ingredients to the flavor and fragrance industry, is well on its way to becoming an established and dependable supplier to the industry.