Why Atomm Botanicals


The Atomm Botanical’s promise is to unlock the power of plants by developing and manufacturing natural derivatives that offer nourishment in topical applications. With more than 17 years of working experience, we have pioneered in extraction with superior science and technology.

Atomm Botanicals has redefined the power of plant extracts through innovative extraction methods. Atomm Botanicals has been offering premium quality plant extracts, vegetable oils, essential oils and butters made from natural resources and the skill to comply comes from the past experience of 17 years in this industry. We have revolutionised the offering of the extracts industry by developing an extraction and manufacturing system that provides natural materials alongside scientific validity of their efficacy. 

We are pioneers in manufacturing botanical extracts and we take pride in the purity of our products as we are committed to bringing you the best quality at affordable prices. Scientifically tested and validated, our phyto liquids are pure and stable.


Atomm Botanicals, the global leader in natural extracts, has been a name synonymous with innovation and quality for over 17 years, offering the finest quality pure plant oils and butters for your premium skin and hair care products. R&D team is consistently innovating and improving our existing product base. Extensive studies are being conducted by qualified experts on the health benefits & toxicology of these plant extracts.

Quality Control

Atomm Botanicals offers a modern alternative to traditional plant extracted actives. Using only the highest quality ingredients from around the world, we formulate our products to meet your individual needs while offering exceptional value. No matter what you need, Atomm Botanicals has the right product for you. Atomm Botanicals's commitment to quality is second to none. We bring you the best organic botanicals, oils and butters the planet can offer.


Atomm Botanicals is a brand you can trust. We care about our customers and strive to give you the best value for your money without sacrificing the quality of our products. While catering to every need of our customers, we are driven by one objective- to cherish and nurture a strong relationship

With new science, new research, a new palette for formulators, and the introduction of new botanical sources, Atomm Botanicals is driven to pioneer new territory in the botanical extract business. We have developed a far superior extraction process that delivers phyto-compounds, which is unachievable through traditional extraction methods. 


Our purpose-built lab and factory have extremely high quality standards and excellent manufacturing practices in addition to our environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures. We have numerous controls, tests, and effective preservative systems in place to deliver clean, pure ingredients that are as close to nature as possible because we are aware of how much a formulation relies on its ingredients.


Utilizing biochemistry, green chemistry, and biotechnology-based concepts and methodologies, our ingredients are produced in a novel way from upcycled and natural raw materials.